How to Create a Victorian Age Bathroom?

Anything Victorian is already an aesthetic. A bathroom is a relaxing space one must design to induce calmness. Sydney has some of the best views one can watch through open bathrooms with classy settings to feel regal and comfortable. One can buy creative baths in Sydney to feel victorian and decorate their space accordingly to make the atmosphere clear and refreshing. There is nothing like a spacious and non-humid bathroom that allows one to rejuvenate in peace. Many people like keeping it simplistic and minimalist, while others like filling it with aesthetic items to bring out its beauty through the various options available in Sydney.

Here are some ways to make a bathroom look Victorian and royal in many ways.


Plants are the best decoration since they can beautify any bathroom while growing profusely through the humidity inside. Cover it with luscious greens to make it an overwhelming colour inside the room. Add money plants around mirrors to make them beautiful for mirror selfies and gorgeous reflections. It can also cover rough edges to blend the mirror with the walls brilliantly.

Install larger plants around the wall edges to exemplify this look more. Add smaller plants near the bath; they can even be flowering plants with some colour to separate the bathtub from the rest of the room. Wrap plants around large windows and hang them outside, too, since they grow well in such situations. They are the best Victorian decoration since other decorations look modern compared to this.

Bathroom equipment:

Sydney has some of the best companies selling exquisite baths and bath equipment for a Victorian look and appeal. One can purchase a classic or a standalone bathtub to place it elegantly on even glazed or marble tiles. These picks look victorian even on modern flooring and walls due to their make. One can customise their baths in Sydney with brown flower designs or other alternatives to make them more victorian.

It is best to install it in a spacious bathroom to ensure it looks royal and is separated from the other equipment inside. Buy toilets and other equipment paired with the same vibe to make it look coordinated and planned. A contemporary bath could also look elegant if paired with wooden flooring and appropriate decoration. Clawfoot baths are a lovely pick for a retro touch.

Bathroom planning:

Spacious bathrooms are the go-to to make any space victorian. Even a cramped bathroom could look perfect with many patterns and excessive print everywhere. A larger bathroom can use modern planning with Victorian ideas if one uses professional help. The theme can revolve around the colours brown and white for the best looks.

Add thrift mirror pieces with slightly rusted or tinted frames for a classic touch. Sydney has the best houses that accommodate glass walls with regal curtains that overlook the city. It looks glamorous and classy, where one can relax and chill. One can even bring food and drinks to enjoy their time in peace while adequate sunshine pierces through the space.


  • Add a chandelier with warm yellow or orange lights to fill the bathroom at night. It adds a Victorian appeal and also makes it look rich and elegant.
  • Add drawers and dressers. Do not fear adding cushions or leather if the wet area is separated from the dressing space. Marble is a lovely pick for counters surrounding the sink and other spaces.
  • Gold and white are the best colours for door handles, drawer holders, and other minute elements to contrast with each other.
  • High and rounded ceilings are a rich option if available.