How to get rid of household bugs

In recent times, the spread of insects has become an exaggerated thing, and insects have attacked all places, homes, hotels, companies, factories, etc., such as the presence of insects, many problems for individuals because the insects cause many damages, so insects affect adults and children, whether women or men, as for children, they get a state of terror and panic And they cry constantly when they see any insects, as well as most women. As for men, most of them suffer from a state of tension and anxiety and not feel a state of comfort and reassurance in their homes.

Among the most common insects that spread in homes are cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, termites, fleas, and other harmful insects and all these insects are very harmful and cause the transmission of dangerous diseases that cause death immediately. Therefore, the elimination of these insects must be speedy and many resorts to searching for effective methods that help In the process of finally eliminating insects, so we will present these methods in this article.

Insect damage

Insects have very much damages, and they also cause many problems for humans, so they must be quickly eradicated as soon as they are present. Among these damages:

  • Most insects cause food to spoil by simply passing it
  • Insects always infect humans with very serious diseases that may lead to their death.
  • Insects cause skin infections in humans.
  • Some insects spoil electrical appliances in the home.
  • Insects have very loud noises that disturb humans.
  • Insects infect a person with a state of tension and anxiety, which makes him feel insecure and comfortable in his home.
  • Some organisms such as mice lead to a loan to the electrical wires in the house, which leads to damage to most electrical appliances.

Reasons for the presence of insects in the home

Insects exist in the home for several reasons, including:

  • Leave windows and balconies open for an extended period of time without needing them.
  • There are many holes and holes in the house to no avail.
  • Failure to maintain the cleanliness of the house constantly.
  • Not always ventilating the house and closing it, taking care not to let the sun’s rays enter it.
  • Leaving the garbage collection for an extended period of time without throwing it away, causing insects to collect on it.
  • The presence of food residues on the ground, which leads to the gathering of insects on them to obtain their food.

Ways to get rid of household insects

Because of the suffering that most individuals suffer from, we offer the best methods that help to permanently get rid of household insects, taking into account the preservation of the health of individuals and all the tools in the home, and these methods include:

  • The use of safe insecticides and these pesticides must be authorized by the Ministry of Health in order to ensure the preservation of the health of all individuals.
  • The use of some modern devices that emit sounds like vibrations that act on insects and make them die instantly
  • There are also some devices that emit scary sounds that scare insects and make them leave the house immediately.
  • The use of some inexpensive traditional methods to eliminate insects, including the use of ammonia to eliminate termites or the use of cardboard as well to eliminate termites.
  • Vinegar can be used to kill many insects.
  • You can also use a pest control company that uses the best and latest devices that are used to eliminate insects, and this company must have a strong work team and well trained to use these tools.
  • Spraying insecticides inside sinks and sewage pipes, then closing them immediately, as sinks are one of the first reasons why the house contains insects.

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