Ideas for decorating your dining table

The dining table is a blank slate that can be decorated to add a touch of elegance to your room. Whether you want to decorate it based on a theme or keep it simple there are lots of ways to make it attractive. The accessories being used depend largely on the table being decorated as well. The bigger your canvas, the more creative you can get. You can even change it up now and then to keep it fresh.

Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your dining table.

  1. Fruits bowls – Displaying the seasonal bounty at the table is a good reminder to eat fruits as well as add colour to the table. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a decorative fruit bowl adorning your table.
  2. Table cloth and runners – Table cloths are considered more appropriate for formal dining setup. Table runners can be long and hanging off the ends or exactly the size of the table. The colour of the runner depends upon the colour of the table. For a dark wood table, having a vibrant or light-coloured table runner can make the space livelier. Using a functional yet colourful table mat can make a positive difference. Layering two different textures by putting the runner on top of the table cloth can make the table look classy as well. You can choose to skip placemats if you are placing a table runner.
  3. Candles – Using a scented candle with potpourri or ornamental candle stands can make the table look warm and inviting. Ornamental candle stands can make the table look festive and opulent. You can use candles of the appropriate colour or theme to retain the flow of a room.
  4. Flowers – Who doesn’t like flowers? And if you don’t, you can opt for dried flowers or twigs and sprigs to make the table look fabulous. Adding small planters with succulents can also add freshness to the room. If you plan to host a formal dinner, tall arrangements should be avoided to ensure everyone at the table can see everyone else. Doing floating floral arrangements with locally available flowers can look pretty as well.
  5. Centerpiece – Adding a vase or an artifact as a center of attraction creates a good flow for the rest of the decorative items to follow. The rest of the accessories can go around the centerpiece and continue till the end of the table. For a particularly festive look, you can add small green and red or yellow and orange ornaments in a bowl. A simple cake stand with a gorgeous cake can also be a centerpiece during birthday parties.
  6. Cutlery and crockery – Add cutlery and crockery on the table as per the rest of the decorations. For a buffet-style setup, you may want to rearrange the surrounding furniture and decorations to make space.

The setting of a dining table is an intimate affair and the décor can transform a meal into fondest memories.