Importance Of Psychological Consulting In The World Of Business

The Top management across the industry is being asked to treat employees humanely. But are they being trained well enough to handle the emotional behavior of those employees? Psychological Consultingtries to create a space where the emotional needs of the employees can be brought forward and addressed efficiently. Professional consultants who are experts in this field are hired by companies to help the management whenever there is a big change on the horizon.

The Need For Psychological Consulting

The corporate world has become extremely dynamic. Mergers, acquisitions, expansions, and even closure have become the order of the day. Although the remuneration has increased considerably the job market is not as secure as it used to be several years ago. All of this can generate a plethora of emotions within the human resources of any company. It becomes extremely important to deal with these emotions in a humane manner rather than pushing them aside.

Bring In The Consultant

IN case of big events like mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, or even closure of the company; the first thing the management needs to do is to hire a Psychological Consultant. Their primary job is to understand the issue at hand and then help management chart strategies to deal with the same. It is the responsibility of the management to brief the consultant on various points. This includes things like the culture and ethos of the company and the nature of the problem at hand. The consultant then helps managers understand the psychology of change which is very important. They also have to make the managers aware of why change can be both exciting and anxiety-provoking. They work with the founders and design a plan on how to break the news to the employees and handle the aftermath of emotions that comes next.

The Role Of A Consultant

The psychological consultant is the impartial resource who needs to be available for any employee that needs help. They have to help employees process their emotions due to these big changes that their company is undergoing. They need to listen to what the employees want to say and help them deal with the situation. Not doing so will severely hamper the overall morale and productivity – which is the last thing any company wants.


Psychological Consulting (konsultasi psikologi, which is the term in Indonesian) is a sphere that is extremely crucial in the present corporate scenario. We need more trained professionals in this area to support the Human Resource team, management, and employees at a time of massive upheaval that happens during mergers, takeovers, downsizing, or closures. They are the objective and empathetic party here who want to see people be productive and happy by creating a safe space for them.