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Numerous pubs, nightclubs, and casinos were shut down due to lockdown owing to the pandemic –Covid19.In Australia alone, around 194,000 poker tables were not operative; these venues are not expected to open soon. Around 15% to 20% of the poker playing population was seeking a convenient alternative. Online casinos featuring an array of casino games like poker, slot, and roulette were the right place for the players. slot online provides the entertainment and opportunity of few poker hands. During the prolonged lockdown, the Australian government lost around A$7.5 million in casino revenue. 

Players found the entertainment of casino games from their home

The shutdown of land-based casinos gave a pause to addicted gamblers, as the opportunity to wager was limited. For high-risk gamblers, they shifted to online gambling websites in significant numbers. Some players already had an online account; others signed in. During this Covid-19 crisis, online casinos offered lucrative bonuses and free spins to convert these customers into regular patrons. The psycho-social stress pushed these players to online casinos. To get relief from boredom, many opted for digital entertainment of video slot or poker. The temptation of a fat jackpot is another factor for a surge of players in the online casino.

Some schools of thought advocated stress; fretfulness due to self-isolation can be a factor to indulge in online gambling. Some politicians of the UK were even mulling to restrict bet size and deposit amounts to online betting. As the offline casinos were not operative, every player was registering in the digital version. There was a considerable spurt in revenue and customers in online casinos the world over. Players found the entertainment of casino games from their home without violating self-isolation norms. Automated casinos are the venue for players wanting to enjoy a hand of blackjack or poker.

Markets in gambling have become more extensive on the national and international levels. Many online bookmakers promote horse racing – one of the few sports events that continued during the lockdown. More unfamiliar sports events like table tennis tournaments in Ukraine attracted the attention of wagers. As normalcy returned, the major sports events like NBA and soccer open up. Online bookmakers campaigned to allure new players to open online gambling account. Online gambling provided a significant amount as revenue to several governments during the Covid -19 crisis, as many territorial casinos were shut down. These revenues were utilized by governments for health care and public utility. Online gambling provided much-needed breathing space for many players when the world was locked within four walls. For more enjoyment you can visit Paul Leongas Pub.