Pursuing Social Security Disability Benefits in Yuma: When Can Your Claim be Denied?

A lot of Social Security Disability applications have been denied. Unfortunately, these denials significantly affect applicants and their dependents who are hoping to get benefits that can help them thrive financially. If you are one of these applicants, you must consult with a skilled social security disability attorney in yuma. A lawyer will review your claim, collect evidence of your eligibility for benefits, and help you pursue them. 

Social Security Disability Eligibility Requirements

To meet the disability definition of the Social Security Administration (SSA), you need to be suffering from a disability. This means that you can’t do the work you used to do because of a disabling condition. Also, you are eligible for benefits if you cannot adjust to other work because of such a condition. Another requirement is that you should have a disabling condition that will lead to death or one that you will suffer for at least 12 months. You should refer to the SSA’s list of disabling conditions. And if you want to apply for disability benefits, you should contact an attorney to have a free consultation with them. 

Reasons Disability Claims Can be Denied

Your social security disability claim can be denied due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient medical evidence. It is important to show that you have a long-term disability condition that prevents you from going to work. If a lawyer determines that you have a case and you want to move forward, they can gather evidence of your disability and its impact on your life.  
  • Not following the treatment plan. To be given disability benefits, you must prove that you are constantly getting treatment for your disabling condition. This allows examiners to know whether your illness is preventing you from going to work. 
  • Not cooperating with the SSA. When you apply for disability benefits, you are expected to constantly communicate with the examiner, give any information they request, or appear at medical examinations. Otherwise, your claim could be denied.   
  • Use of alcohol or drugs. If you are suffering from a disabling condition due to alcohol or drug abuse, your application may be denied. But you may be eligible for benefits if you have this condition in addition to an alcohol or drug addiction. But your application may be approved if you have quit using alcohol or drugs. Just make sure you do not lie about stopping your use of either substance because doing so will ruin your credibility with the Social Security Administration.