Novations in the Tech World

Video Content

So why is video content growing popular since last decade? Simplification of human life took us to the point where we are trying to get information as fast and easily as possible. People think that videos, compared to reading for example, are easier to digest, because they are visually.

Tech experts say that 2023 will be the year of video platforms. Twitch for example, is already the dominating platform around the globe. It is also used for online marketing, which means you can make money from this platform. To reach a larger audience follow our simple strategy to get Twitch followers.

Play-to-earn Games and Digital Currencies

The internet started with the promise of a decentralized, grassroots-democratic super medium – the depressing result is fake news, hate and tech monopolies like Facebook and Google. Unshakeable network optimists see new opportunities for decentralization, emancipation and participation in the gaming trend and in the decentralized blockchain.

Experts agree that technologies such as blockchain and micropayments will become marketable from 2022 onwards in the globally booming gaming market.

With a turnover of 336 billion US dollars, video gaming is now the world’s largest media industry. Far ahead of linear television, streaming and the music industry. Almost three billion people play games. Watching 15-year-olds celebrate when a (digital) friend is rescued by an ally in League of Legends gives a sense of cyberspace and analog reality increasingly overlapping.

Experiences in cyberspace are nothing more than real experiences for the gamer community. And virtual friendships are authentic friendships. On the platform of the game developer Roblox , gamers can develop their own game ideas in no time at all and can be rewarded for this with the platform’s own currency Robux (R$).

There are more under-13s on Roblox every day than on YouTube or Netflix. A media revolution that the boomer mainstream still refuses to acknowledge.