Signs of an Active Pest Infestation 

Depending on the extent of the damage, termite infestations can be highly expensive to repair. However, it must be addressed right away in order to make the building secure once more. When termites invade a house, they eat the wooden framing along with any other wood they can locate. Baseboards, floors, and even wooden furniture may fall under this category. Termite damage may even be visible on your lawn, such as in wooden decking or a fence that is affixed to the house. Either way, opting for a San Antonio pest control is necessary. 

Additional Indicators of an Active Infestation 

Keep an eye out for the following indications of an active termite infestation:

  • Narrow mud tubes are typically located close to the ground on the base of a house or on the outer concrete walls. These are made by underground termites so they can locate food and water.
  • Tiny holes in the woodwork of your home, including the baseboards, deck, flooring, and furnishings. You may never encounter termites because they eat wood inside and out, but you might notice the minute holes they leave behind as they tunnel.
  • Frass: termite feces found in dry wood. These resemble little wood or sawdust pellets. Sawdust and frass both resemble each other in appearance.
  • Termites with wings are often known as swarmers. Termites that are adults can develop into workers, soldiers, or swarms. The only creatures with wings are the swarmers. These are the termites who leave their nests in the spring to mate and start a new colony together, generally shortly after the first significant rain.
  • Shed wings. After finding a partner, winged reproductive termites drop their wings and swarm out from their colonies in the spring. The wings that have fallen off may be seen on a windowsill, a light fixture, at a door, or close to another form of a light source.

If you notice any one of these symptoms in your yard or lawn, you can point to an active termite infestation near your property. Following this, the only thing you need to do is to verify the rough suspicion and take action. In order to assess the severity of the infestation and develop the best course of action, a pest control expert can conduct an examination efficiently. Make sure you connect with professionals only so that you can rest assured that you are receiving nothing but the best.