Sumo Entertainment JD3 Top Picks For Digital Cameras

You can do a lot of things with a powerful digital camera. A good digital camera is a cost effective piece of equipment for creating films, photoshoots and other recordings. Here are our top picks for digital cameras:

*Sony Alpha a7R III- Sony takes the win with this specific model. The camera has just about everything you need with image stabilization and spectacular autofocus. Alpha can shoot 10fps during live view, allowing the user to shoot 28 uncompressed RAW files in a single snap. This is extremely crucial when you want to get a whole bunch of shots during a time crunch. The estimated cost is $2,798.

*Nikon Z6- Looking to upgrade, but do not want to shell out thousands of dollars? The Nikon Z6 might be what you’re looking for. Some attractive features include 4k video, 12 fps burst speed, high resolution EVF and a hybrid auto-focus system. What a photographer or director will get is a broader native ISO range from ISO100 to 51,200. The estimated cost is $1696.

*Pentax K-70- A competitive, mid-range DSLR at an affordable price. It features 24 megapixels with a 11-point Hybrid AF system and built in wifi. This is the pixel shift you need to create professional looking shots, even for an amateur. The camera also features, ‘Pixel Shift’ technology that is designed to enhance picture resolution. The estimated cost is $796.

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