Tips for Summer Flower Maintenance

Malaysia is now experiencing its hottest summer on record, with temperatures reaching far above average. To think about how these temperatures might influence floral arrangements is to consider the fact that we humans are struggling to stay alive in them. After being picked and boxed at the farms, flowers must go to florists, where they will be trimmed, cleaned, and stored in water. Extreme heat and long stretches without water are obstacles along the route from farm to store. Even in mild weather, heat, and humidity may shorten the lifespan of delicate flowers like roses and lilies before they reach the flower delivery Ipoh.

Once they are hydrated and maintained at a comfortable temperature, dried flowers often recover their former beauty and maintain it long enough to be arranged and sent on their way. Someone who gets a flower bouquet has some responsibility to ensure the flowers remain fresh and beautiful for as long as possible so the recipient may enjoy them. With some care and attention, they may extend the life of their flower arrangements.

  • Dead leaves on flower stems may harbor germs and other organisms that can cause premature flower death.
  • Only a small subset of flower types will benefit from a water spray, and you risk doing more harm than good if you use too much. Blooms like roses and orchids benefit from having a gentle spray applied to the petals of the flowers. Not all flowers will get the same benefits.
  • Every other day, tilt the bottoms of your bouquets and replace the water to keep your flowers looking their best. The flower stems may also be recut while immersed in water. Not all flower species benefit from being cut in lukewarm water, despite popular belief. You should check that the base of the stem is more white than brown/black. A lack of hydration is reflected in duller hues.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from any drafts, even from a fan. Flowers’ lifespan will be significantly impacted by them. While sunshine and other forms of natural illumination are essential for plant development, they may be harmful if focused directly on the blossoms.
  • Dead petals on roses, for example, may be plucked off with your fingertips to improve the aesthetic of your arrangement.
  • The wrapping paper from a hand bouquet should be discarded right away, and the flowers should be placed in a vase containing water. Each hand bunch ordered from May Flower is accompanied by a piece of cotton drenched in water to keep the flowers fresh and hydrated until the recipient receives the bouquet and has time to place it in water.
  • Floral foam arrangements are notorious water guzzlers; to keep them looking their best, you’ll need to add fresh water to the vase at least twice a day, right up until they start to spill over.

These are a few of the recommendations that florist in Ipoh provide to clients, where the temperatures may reach exceptionally high degrees so that they can be comfortable.