Top 5 business trends you should consider

1. Video content

Digitization of the business industry is a real thing. Online shopping, online marketing, and almost everything becomes online as years pass by. Advertising products of video platforms are boosting sales according to popular brands. TikTok –  the most popular video platform is growing every year, which makes it a great place for online marketing. If you are going to start your business, you have to get followers for the tiktok platform for the best price.

2. Online events: hybrid strategy

Online events allow individuals to participate in meetings, virtual fairs, conferences… The goal is to interact with their audience while building loyalty through regular meetings at fixed times. The Internet user has the choice to register or join the live whenever he wants, without leaving his home.

This marketing trend is part of the innovation of corporate communication strategies and should see good results in 2022.

3. Regular & ephemeral posts on social networks

Social networks are essential when you know that 54% of people around the world use them for several hours a day. For an effective content strategy , the combination of ephemeral posts and permanent posts is the winning method. It makes it possible to maintain a visible content and to engage its notoriety in the long term.

4. Mobile User Experience

Impossible to miss the mobile user experience since almost all Internet users do research mainly on their phone or tablet ( 92% of Internet users to be precise). UX design and web design are as important for mobiles as they are for websites.

5. Augmented virtual reality for experiential marketing

The virtual has entered our homes for a few years now and continues to improve to look more and more like reality. Some brands do not hesitate to devote a significant budget to their digital communication , by broadcasting images of very high technological quality or 360° videos. This allows the Internet user to be immersed in the heart of the company’s brand image by captivating him with hybrid and impactful media.

You can, for example, visit apartments in 3D, leaf through online catalogs of furniture manufacturers as if you were there, and even smell the flavors of your favorite treats virtually!