Receiving Compensation for Accidents On Pennsylvania Trains

Numerous train accidents over the past ten years have left hundreds of Pennsylvanians seriously hurt or mourning the death of loved ones. Some survivors and their families, many of whom spend thousands of dollars on healthcare costs, find it impossible to recover economically from this catastrophe. Because of this, these people must pursue compensation from the parties at fault. Make sure to contact a  Philadelphia, PA train accident attorney.

Typical Causes:

Although human error accounts for more than one-third of train accidents, several other factors contribute to the state’s more than average accident rates, such as:

  • deterioration brought on by bad weather;
  • a lot of trains passing through the area;
  • the physical design of the tracks, which includes numerous steep turns that could make navigating challenging;
  • Signal mistakes; track flaws, such as careless maintenance or poor repairs;
  • defective equipment;
  • driver mistake
  • the number of crossing points, and the train’s speed.

One of the main factors in recent train accidents is track faults, which are frequently brought on by human error. The following list includes the most typical track issues:

  • damaged rails, 
  • fractured switches, 
  • breaks around bolts, 
  • rain or snow damage, and 
  • worn rails. 

But the most frequent cause of train accidents is still human mistakes, which might include:

  • incorrectly aligning railroad switches, 
  • disobeying commands, 
  • failing to lock or unlock hand brakes, and 
  • giving the wrong directions to other crew members.
  • Insufficient training, 
  • worker weariness or distraction, and 
  • inappropriate brake usage.

Accountable parties:

Whether or not an injured party can receive compensation for their losses depends on what caused the collision. This means that, depending on the specifics of the situation, any of the people or organizations mentioned may be found vicariously liable for the victim’s injuries:

  • a careless conductor who did not keep the speed down;
  • employees who improperly loaded the container;
  • the railroad firm if it neglected to implement suitable procedures for staff training, schedule routine inspections, or follow the rules on the design of tracks or the provision of safety devices;
  • Tracks that were improperly maintained or repaired by crew members; 
  • an unauthorized entry into the tracks by a driver.

A plaintiff may be eligible to receive money to cover costs such as medical bills, lost earnings, distress and suffering, and expenses incurred for the fun if they can prove the other party or entity was negligent.

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Particularly horrifying injuries, a few of which are fatal, can be caused by train accidents. In Pennsylvania, careless individuals whose activities cause these fatalities can and ought to be held liable. Contact a lawyer if you reside in Philadelphia and have been lately hurt in a rail accident or lost a loved one.