What is Double Eyelid Surgery All About?

The very first query that you might be having in your mind is what this double eyelid surgery all about. So let me tell you that double eyelid surgery is a special kind of surgery, which creates a distinct break in the upper eyelid. Thus, it can be said that the main motive of this surgery is to improve the definition of your eyes. You need to keep one thing in your mind that not all eyelid has a double fold to it. And this could easily be understood as the crease at the top of the eyelid platform.

You will be amazed to know that the double eyelid surgery (ทำตา2ชั้น, which is the term in Thai) also helps to improve the eyesight as the upper lid is sagging and causes vision to be impaired.

The Procedure Involved In Double Eyelid Surgery

The first thing which is done is that local anesthesia is given. Then the incisions are made to the numbed eye area while the patient is in awake condition. Usually, the patients are given medication to calm anxiety during the procedure. After this, the excess tissue is removed, and the surgeon closes the incision with the help of removable or absorbable stitches. The only thing that you need to consider here is that the surgeon who is going to operate for you is a well-experienced one. That means they should hold a certificate of five years of general training and another two years of practice in plastic surgeries. Thus, any individual who faces a problem related to functional or cosmetic one with their protective folds can get it operated.

What is the risk involved and benefit of the procedure?

It will not be wrong to say that the risk of the operation is comparatively very less, but at the same time, it could not be ignored. There are high chances that after the operation, you will encounter swelling, redness, infection, and disfigurement. Irrespective of all this, you will find that the operation is simple as well as rewarding. The protective fold of your eye should be able to heal within a week, and you can also witness that the result is permanent.  It has been noticed that impaired vision is one of the main reasons why people get surgery on their upper eyelids. Usually, double eyelid surgery is cosmetic.