What To Expect From Mitsubishi Servo Motor Repairing Company?

The Mitsubishi servo motor hosts an exclusive array of challenges to identify the issues that might be resulting in servo failure. The evaluation process done by a professional repair service is a careful assortment of steps that were collected from the several years of operation in the motor sector.

For repairing service of your Mitsubishi servo motor, an amicable working relationship by the repair company, with the factory must be knitted. The potentiality to acquire genuine technical datasheets would enable the repair companies to repair the motor effectively. Here are a few ways that you can expect from a professional Mitsubishi motor repair company.

Mitsubishi Servo Motor Evaluation

The repair company evaluates all the mechanical and electrical parts of the Mitsubishi servo motor. During the inspection, the company would run through the :

  • Bearing fits
  • Encoder drive tab alignment
  • Housing its
  • Dilapidated output shafts
  • Broken or corroded flanges
  • Solder, cable, and connector joint connection

Repair of Servo Motor

The repair companies manufacture and repair and fix all kinds of issues that are identified during the check. A common Mitsubishi issue that occurs on the HC series motor is the epoxy that holds in place the magnets, rotor breaks followed by the magnets slip. 

The repair company exercises the following:

  • Magnetic poles’ realign placement
  • Rotor magnets remagnetization that has been weakened because of heat.
  • Re-manufacturing of a brand new Mitsubishi servo motor front flange with the help of an old flange followed by factory dimensions
  • Windings repair. The company washes, bakes, and tests the AC and DC servo motor.

Preliminary Evaluation

Throughout the process of assembling, every Mitsubishi servo motor repair will undergo numerous meggering. Some of the tests done by the repair company are:

  • Alignment of the serial encoder
  • Checking of tach generator
  • Tests to determine that there aren’t any ground electrical parts in the Mitsubishi servo motor.
  • Surge test on AC stators to 1500 volts.
  • Post the DC servo motor baking procedure, the armatures will undergo a bar to bar test. This test will determine if there are any openings in the winding.

Servo Motor Assembly

After the preliminary testing and repair, the Mitsubishi servo motors are rebuilt. Our assembly procedure enhances the component present in the internal motor and effectively safeguards the bearings than the factory. Our assembled motors use:

  • Best-grade sealed bearings
  • Double lip shaft seals
  • New seals, connectors, gaskets, and O-rings.
  • Two-part epoxy coating for additional protection.

The final procedure in the repairing of the Mitsubishi servo motor is to consider running your motor on a Mitsubishi drive alike the one in the machine. The professional companies ensure the servo motor repair process is correctly done.