Know-How to Choose Plastic Food Containers for Gifting Purpose

The one primary thing that is crucial for both meal preparation and the organization of the kitchen is investing in the correct food container. With plastic having a bad reputation, considering how upon heating the chemicals from it leach out both in dishwasher and microwave, you must be cautious in choosing plastic containers that are not only durable but also microwave-proof.

Also, plastic food containers make for the finest premium gift (งาน รี เมี่ ยม, which is the term in Thai) for the ones that you care for. They are one of the utilities and highly-functional gifts that win hearts and are every household’s favorite item.

Expert-Given Tips on Picking the Best Plastic Container

  • Check For Microwave-Safe Sign

The best-quality plastic containers will have a microwave-proof sign which you must keep an eye out for. Remember not all plastics are microwave friendly, be mindful before you invest in them.

  • Check For The BPA-Free Sign

In the place where the microwave-safe sign is given, you will also find the sign of BPA-proof. Check for that. According to recent research, the BPS is the current alternative to plastic food containers. 

  • Check For the Plastic Recycling Triangle

You must look for the plastic recycling triangle at the base of the containers. The number 7 indicates that it might include BPA. A “PC’ indicates it surely contains BPA. The safest of all plastic containers comes with number 2, number 4, and number 5.

  • Say ‘No’ to Reheating the Container in The Microwave

Despite the container being microwave-proof, avoid using the plastic containers for reheating purposes inside the microwave. This job is better pulled off by ceramic and glass bowls sans the risk of chemical leaching.

  • Is It Airtight?

To be sure if the container is airtight or not, make sure the lid comprises of silicone gasket on the interiors. Try pulling the lid out to be sure. You wouldn’t want the sauce and yogurt to leak out in the bag it is put inside. Also, a majority of the lids aren’t microwave-proof.

  • Buy Containers That Aren’t Difficult to Open

The container must be easy to open by both adults and kids. Easy-to-open containers always give way to independence. While you must focus on a smart lock, be sure to check they are easy to open and doesn’t need a second person’s hand on it.

While plastic food containers make for the best premium gift, you must be careful in choosing them, as several factors need to be taken into consideration. Check out these air-tight containers and canisters from Hario, which make the perfect gifts.