What should you do if your Split AC is Leaking Water?

Sometimes, it feels like air conditioners were made by God. Just as you step into your house which is cooled with an air conditioner, it feels like you have entered haven already. Air conditioners are a necessity in today’s life. The pollution, global warming, temperature rise have made it unbearable to stay without an air conditioner.

However, sometimes air conditioners also have problems. One of the most common issues allied with air conditioners is the leaking of water. In such cases, you must ask for help from experts. If you want an answer to your aircon water leakyou must contact airconservices.org. they are the best aircon service providers in Singapore.

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Reasons for leaking air conditioner

1- Air leakage- The most common reason for aircon leakage is the leakage of air. For best working, the air must be going through the opening. However, sometimes, some defects may lead to a leakage of air. To find out the status of leakage, all that is required to be done is troubleshooting and then examining the unit.

If there are any leaks of air thru the grill, they must be resolved.

2- Bad installation- If your device has been installed recently and you have started to face issues so soon, it is highly probable that the installation team has failed you by doing a shoddy job. Common mistakes include using smaller diameter tubing than that prescribed by the manufacturer associated with the interconnection of several tools in the same tubing, etc. reinstallation is the only solution to this problem.

3- Burnt drain pump- Drain pumps need regular cleanings for maintenance. A clogged drain pump is lethal for the health of the air conditioner unit as it causes water leaks in the air conditioner.

4- Clogged drainpipe- If the drainpipe is clogged due to any reason like moss, mud, dirt, etc. then you must clean it from time to time to prevent any undesirable water leak problem arising from the clogged drain which might damage the air conditioner unit.

5- Dirty air conditioning- One of the major reasons for water leaks in air conditioner units is dirty air conditioning and lack of clean air conditioning. The dirt would accumulate inside the air conditioner unit and the passage of water would be blocked.


Air conditioner issues are highly undesirable. They must be rectified at the earliest. The best way to solve air conditioner leaking issues is to contact the experts who know the best. If you are in Singapore, then you can contact Airconservicing.org as they offer the bang for the buck when it comes to air conditioner services. They can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.