Why People are Afraid of Public Speaking?

“There are certain things in which mediocrity is not to be endured, such as poetry, music, painting, and public speaking,” said Jean de la Bruyere, a French philosopher and moralist, who was noted for his satire.

There is a term denoted for the fear of public speaking known as Glossophobia. A research says that approx 75% of world population is facing fear of social phobia. It should not be a surprise that fear of public speaking is more then the fear of death for most of the population. But you should understand one thing that the fear of public speaking can be reversed and you can develop some great skills to overcome your fear and anxiety.

Here is why people are afraid of Public Speaking?

Social anxiety:

Well from childhood we have been taught to not talk to any strangers and when you go to an event or gathering where you need to present a speech in front of the audience and that for the first time in your life then you will feel anxious. As you know that the audience you are encountering is totally unknown to you that will make you uncomfortable to speak.

The key to overcome your anxiety is to meet more strangers. Try to travel to new places and meet new people and talk to them openly, this will help you to build confidence and you will not feel anxious while talking to strangers.

Lack of experience:

When trying to give a speech for the first time or interacting with new people can make you nervous and it is a normal thing to happen. When you try something new for the first time, it is all right to be nervous. But when you get good experience in public speaking you will not be bound to any difficulties or problems that could affect your speaking skill. After some speeches, you will feel excitement and joy in delivering the public speech and you will see that endless possibilities are waiting for you.

Lack of confidence:

The simple way to understand the meaning of confidence is to be comfortable in your own shell. There are many insecurities like skin colour, race, or financial status all these things can reduce your confidence. When to offer speech to a large group of people everyone’s eyes will focus on you and this can make you feel nervous due to lack of confidence. But if you try to think that you re the one who deserves this stage among all of others, it can help you to establish a strong confidence in you.

If you want to overcome the fear of public speaking, you should be comfortable with yourself and also with all your insecurities.

For more than 30 years, Karen McCleave served the public as an Assistant Crown Attorney. She appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, primarily in York Region, Dufferin and Simcoe counties. Karen Mccleave has been honoured with several awards, including the Doug Lucas Award for excellence in the pursuit of justice through science and two Ontario Excelsior Awards, both for Outstanding Achievement.