Ballpoint Pens With Logo

Ballpoint pens with a logo are an important element of advertising, as a pen is an indispensable attribute in a person’s life. This is exactly the type of advertising that will work for your company 24/7 for a small price. Pens are effectively used during meetings, conferences, negotiations, presentations, and many other events.

Also, custom logo stylus pens emphasize the high status of the company, which also has a positive effect on expanding the audience. Brands that maintain a corporate spirit have always been considered the highest ranks in the business.

Pens With Logo

This is an ideal and irreplaceable advertising element that can be useful even while lying on the workers’ desk. Unlike boring brochures and leaflets, pens are in great demand during various events. As a rule, people do not throw this attribute away, as they usually do with flyers. Moreover, the pen can be considered an unobtrusive marketing element that will be used until the ink runs out.

Making custom printed pens is a great idea. This way we can create a masterpiece from a banal object, make it special. This “little helper” will always be there when you sign important contracts and negotiate a deal.

Logo Application On Pens

By leaving your company logo and contact information on the pen, you personalize it. As a result, the little pen starts to work effectively for your brand.

As you know, there are many printing techniques (depending on the material), but pad printing on plastic products remains the most popular to this day. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to get a quality product with vibrant colors just like on your logo. But before that, a template for your logo is created, which will be applied to the pens.

If we are talking about metal products, then it is better to use laser engraving. An important point is that these pens look very solid and presentable.

Ballpoint gift pens with logo: cheap and effective

Gift ballpoint pens with prints are one of the cheapest types of souvenirs (except in some cases when you need to apply a complex engraving or print). However, the advertising efficiency does not decrease from the price. Sometimes, cheap methods can yield more results than expensive advertising campaigns.

It is worth noting that pens are always in demand, so you can give them for any reason (especially if your clients are stationery lovers). Even if a person works in front of the computer all the time, a pen can be useful for small notes. Therefore, do not discount this item.

It is always a pleasure to share such a souvenir, and this is also a plus for increasing your target audience. Therefore, if you are ready for new orders and deals, you should try this unobtrusive but effective way to attract new customers to your company.