Guide to understand Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Buying insurance is one of those things that many of us tend to put off until the last minute. Although you know it provides necessary protection and that you will almost surely use it at some point in the future, you often put off acquiring it until the last possible moment. Whether we’re renting a car for domestic or international use, waiting until the last minute to purchase the collision damage waiver insurance we’ll need could cost us a small fortune in exorbitant premiums.

What is Collision Damage Waiver Insurance? - CarRentalReviews

Reason of having the insurance

Collision damage waiver insurance is often included in the cost of car rentals, providing vital financial protection in the event that the vehicle is damaged or written off as a consequence of an accident. Since the hired car is probably brand new or in very good shape, its value has been kept at a high level, and the cost of completing any necessary repairs could be substantial. This makes collision damage waiver insurance a must, and it’s why car rental agencies offer it to their clients: they know you’ll need it sometime. The insurance premium for the latter will naturally be affected by the fact that it serves what is basically a captive market (by keeping it high).

However, with a little bit of forethought, you can avoid having to pay for the car rental company’s collision damage waiver insurance. Pre-purchasing the right insurance from a specialist in the field of car rental insurance is not only likely to turn out to be much more cost-effective, but also likely to offer better adaptability and a wider range of features.

You can save money by getting a yearly bundle of collision damage waiver insurance from a service like here, which covers multiple rental vehicle contracts throughout the year. That’s probably the most hassle-free way to buy insurance of this kind. Most of these yearly plans can be used whenever, whenever, and in whatever country you like. This ensures that the question of insurance will never be put off until the last minute.


If you buy an annual package from a company that specialises in car hire insurance, you can rest assured that it will cover not only the Collision Damage Waiver but also the Enhanced Third Party Coverage. In addition, unlike collision damage waiver insurance, these policies typically extend coverage to more areas of the vehicle. Among these components are the roof, floor, tyres, and windows of the hired automobile.