We all want to make our investment at a lower price

Stock quotes are one of the main things when we talk about the stock exchange. This stock is getting good competition from a mutual fund. Today in this article we will get to know some differences between investment in the stock market and mutual funds.


We all want to make our investment at a lower price but this is not always possible in every case. In the stock market, you will have to purchase a share and invest some money in opening one brokerage account. On the other hand, the small charges’ cost in a mutual fund is even more due to more cases where you may have to spend some money like taking the help of an investment manager, paying a company to make your investment, investment charges, and many other charges like this.


Even though we invest very small we always want to have more returns. This is the nature of us all. However, this is not possible in mutual funds. There you will get the return but not in that match amount as much in the stock market. In the stock market, your return depends on the stock you purchased and the time when you sold it. In mutual you don’t need to do any such things as all such things are done by the company.

Control over your investment

In the stock market, you get some more liberty to manage your investment. Here you have full access to the knowledge and selection of the stock you purchase. You can also sell and buy the stocks any time you want. These facilities you don’t get in the case of the mutual fund. There all these things are managed by the company where you give your money to invest.

The time duration of the investment

This is also a big factor to know when you go to select anyone out of these two types of investment. In the stock market, it’s not necessary to keep the stocks for a longer duration like one year, two years, or more. Sometimes you can get good returns even in a short duration of time and sometimes even after a long time you don’t get any good return. On the other hand, this duration is more in a mutual fund. There you may need to fix your money for up to 5,7 years or even more in some cases.

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